Results of Grade XI exams delayed

The Office of the Controller of the Examinations has yet to announce the results of Grade XI examinations, which were held some five months ago. As per rules, the OCE is requi [...]

What is Wattless Current ?

What is Wattless Current ? This question was asked on the question paper of Physics Class 12 [210D] , HSEB Board 2072. If any boday knows the Answer then please reply. Thank y [...]

What is the Best thing of MeroSpark Community you Like Mo....

MeroSpark Community is specially designed for public and private discussion, You can able to follow your interested people to get notification from them whenever they create p [...]

Now this is the experimental notes sample.

THis is my sample note. If wrong please notify me.This is my second post on this MeroSpark Community. Over all, the design, features are awesome. The messaging, with forum por [...]

Hello World from Sonam

THis is experimental post from Sonam. Awesome job Hari bro! Its totally ground breaking. The features that I like most is Messaging system.. The public and private discussion [...]

First Test Example Post by MeroSpark

The word ‘MeroSpark’ is combined with two words ‘Mero’ and ‘Spark’. The word ‘Mero’ is Nepali word (मेरो) which stands [...]
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